World Interoperability Conference - Networking with OPC UA Standardization Groups

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 12:00 to 15:30
Hannover Messe
Hall 19, room New York
30521 Hannover



The conference parallel to the Hanover Fair is intended to promote and network all national and international organizations and working groups in the context of OPC UA Companion Specification Standardization.

At the beginning, few keynotes on the topics Industrie 4.0 and OPC UA will be presented from the OPC Foundation, VDMA and the FieldCommGroup.

The conference is to be scheduled in such a way that it can also be attended by non-fair visitors without an overnight stay in Hannover.

Afterwards the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and network with different working groups within the OPC UA CS standardization in 3 rounds. Each workgroup presents its vision and mission in each of the rounds. This does not take place in plenary sessions, but at theme tables, with each working group having its own theme table. The working group representatives remain at their theme table, the visitors of the conference switch between the theme tables after each round.





12:00 noon      Keynotes

13:30 h            Thematic Round 1 (short talk Vision, Mission, Discussion)

14:00 h            Break - change between theme tables

14:15 h            Thematic Round 2 (short talk Vision, Mission, Discussion)

14:45 h            Break - change between theme tables

15:00 h            Thematic Round 3 (short talk Vision, Mission, Discussion)

15:30 h            End of the event


Groups presenting their OPC UA Companion Spec activities:

  • Organizations: OPCF + VDMA + FCG + ZVEI + PLCopen + AIM + MDIS …
  • VDMA: Skill based, Integrated Assembly Solutions, End-of-Arm Tools
  • VDMA: Robotic
  • VDMA: Machine Vision
  • VDMA: Electric Drives
  • VDMA: VDW Machine Tools and manufacturing systems
  • VDMA: Plastics and rubber machines
  • VDMA: High Pressure Die Casting, Foundry technology
  • VDMA: Mining
  • VDMA Surface technology
  • VDMA Weihenstephan Food processing and packaging machines
  • VDMA Woodworking Machinery
  • ZVEI/VDMA: Industry4.0 Asset Administration Shell with OPC UA
  • FieldCommGroup: PA-DIM, FDI
  • NAMUR: NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA)
  • DEXPI: Data exchange for Process Industrie
  • OPCF: UA WG / DI / FLC
  • PLCopen: OPC UA Information model for IEC61131-3
  • AIM: OPC UA for AutoID devices
  • LNI: Lab Network Industrie4.0 Testbeds for OPC UA Companion Specs
  • OMAC: Packaging machines
  • MDIS: Oil and Gas
  • Tabaco: MES Interface for Tobacco machinery
  • DIN:  DIN Spec 92222: Cloud Federation / Routing


Target audience:

This event is showing the short upcoming future of seamless information exchange with secured and standardized information and interfaces. End users but also development engineers should join this event to get early insides and network with key influencers.

“With OPC UA at the heart of Industie4.0, adopting the OPC UA technology and using it to its full potential in our factories is a natural progression. Being a member of the OPC Foundation guarantees early information to upcoming key technologies like the OPC UA Companion specifications which provide secured and standardized information and interfaces for assets.”
Michael Schweiger, Volkswagen



-          OPC Foundation: Stefan Hoppe,

-          VDMA: Andreas Faath,

-          FieldCommGroup, Paul Sereiko,