Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 08:00 to 17:00
FieldComm Group Headquarters
9430 Research Blvd Suite 1-120
Austin, TX 78759
United States

The vendor-neutral "Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus" course has been designed for developers, end users, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology.

Course Description

Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and new terminology related to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus integrated architecture. The technology introduces new terminology that control personnel must be confident with if they intend to be successful. Students will understand the key strategies for wiring and installation of a fieldbus network. Special emphasis will be made on such design issues as power requirements, device types and topologies. DesignMATE, a software tool for modeling physical layer implementations, will be introduced.

A basic introduction of communications will help students understand appropriate device placement and expected bandwidth utilization. This knowledge will aid students in determining the appropriate control strategies, loop times, and device types to be implemented on individual segments.

Finally, the "Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus" course covers an overview of function blocks and the applications that characterize a FOUNDATION device. Students learn the differences between the block types as well as key components of the standard function blocks defined by the specifications. Other concepts reviewed include mode and status, linkages, alarming, field diagnostics and scheduling.

For full class details, please visit Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus.